Whipworm by Alan R Walker

Whipworms in Cats

A whipworms infection is not considered a serious problem in cats. That’s because it is not as common in felines … Read more

Tapeworm by Georgia Division of Public Health.

Tapeworms in Cats

So, you’ve noticed that your cat is shedding worms and the cat worms look like sesame seeds? That’s an indication … Read more

Roundworms by Vyzhdova V

Roundworms in Cats

If your cat receives an internal parasite diagnosis from the vet, the identified parasite is highly likely to be roundworms. … Read more

Hookworm by Microrao

Hookworms in Cats

One in a hundred cats in the USA is infected with hookworms, according to the Companion Animal Parasite Council. That … Read more