Australian Mist Cat

When you think about Australia, which animal comes to your mind first? A kangaroo, a koala, or an emu bird? However, what if I told you that there is an Australian cat breed equally fascinating as those more exotic animals?

Obviously, I am talking about the Australian Mist cat breed, a relatively new and unknown cat breed that certainly deserves more recognition. Because of that, I wanted to write this article to get you more familiar with this cat breed and show you how awesome it is. Keep reading to read more!

Australian Mist Cat Characteristics


Fur colorGrey, silver, brown, cream, beige, chocolate, peach, lilac, caramel, and gold.
Fur patternSpotted and marbled.
Fur lengthShort
Eye color & shapeLarge, slanted green eyes. Kittens and juvenile cats can have yellowish eyes.
LengthMales 12”-15“
Females 8”-12”
WeightMales 7-14 lbs
Females 4-10 lbs
Expected lifespan15-18 years


TemperamentFriendly, outgoing, playful, gentle, and intelligent cats.
Kids and other petsFriendly towards other kids and pets.
Sociable and cuddlyThey are sociable and cuddly cats that tolerate being picked up and handled.

Requirements & Traits

FeedingAdult Australian Mists should eat 2-3 times a day meat-based and protein-rich food. Kittens and juveniles need to eat 4 times a day.
GroomingBasic grooming needs – occasional brushing, nail trimming, ear and eye cleaning, and proper dental hygiene.
SheddingLow to moderate

History and Origins

Australian Mist cats are one of those cat breeds that breeders have selectively developed to achieve certain desired characteristics. In this case, Burmese, Abyssinian, and domestic shorthair cats were crossbred to make a new cat breed with short spotted fur. 

The newly created breed got the best features from each cat breed. From Burmese cats, Australian Mists inherited laid-back nature and fur color dilution. From Abyssinians, Australian Mists inherited ticked furs and intelligence. Finally, domestic shorthairs contributed to Australian Mists’ size and good health. 

Its interesting origin also played the main role in the name of this cat breed. Because of their spots and furs that looked misty due to ticking, the original name for these cats was Spotted Mist. However, in 1998, cats with marbled instead of spotted furs were also recognized as the same breed, and the breed changed its name to the Australian Mist.

Australian Mist Cat Personality

Australian mist cats are perfect cats for families with small children because they tolerate being touched and picked up, and they aren’t prone to scratching or similar behavior. While kittens, Australian Mists are highly energetic, but they become calmer as they grow up.

These cats love human company, and they are always somewhere close to their owners. They are cuddly and gentle, which makes them great lap cats. Mists are also great with children and other cat-friendly pets, especially if they are socialized from an early age.

Australian Mist Cat Appearance

Australian Mist cats are truly beautiful animals that inherited only the best features from their ancestors: Abyssinians, Burmese, and domestic shorthair cats. 


The Australian Mist’s fur is truly something special. It is short, soft, and silky to the touch, and it comes in diluted colors such as grey, silver, brown, cream, beige, chocolate, peach, lilac, caramel, and gold.

When it comes to fur patterns, Australian Mist cats can be either spotted or marbled. Also, Australian Mist’s fur is ticked, which means each hair has bands of two or more colors. 

The underside is usually lighter than the upper side of the body. Also, kittens are lighter in color than adult Mists. These cats also have M-shaped marking on their foreheads. 


Australian Mist cats have large and slanted eyes. Their eyes are always green, but kittens and juvenile Mists might have slightly yellowish eyes which go green once they grow up.


Australian Mist cats are medium-sized cats, with males being significantly larger than females. On average, Australian Mist tomcats are 12-15 inches long, and their body weight is approximately 7-14 lbs. On the other hand, female Australian Mists are usually 8-12 inches long, and their body weight is 4-10 lbs.

Other Body Characteristics

Australian Mist cats have muscular bodies with broad chests. Their legs are strong, especially the hind legs which are a bit longer than the front legs. The paws are oval-shaped, and the paw pads correspond to the fur color. The tail is fairly thick and slightly tapered. 

The head is broad and round, with pronounced whisker pads. Ears are medium to large with rounded tips, and they are widely set apart. 

Daily Life With Australian Mist Cat

Another great thing about Australian Mist cats is that they aren’t demanding animals. Just follow some basic requirements, and you will have a happy and healthy cat. Here is what you need to pay attention to when owning an Australian Mist:


Just like other cat breeds, Australian Mist cats need to eat meat-based foods that are rich in protein and contain moderate amounts of animal fat. This means both dry and wet commercial cat food are good options. 

I recommend you feed your Australian Mist wet and dry cat foods because both food types benefit its health. Wet food helps your cat stay hydrated, especially if it doesn’t drink much water. Dry food cleans your cat’s teeth.

Australian Mist cats are prone to gaining too much weight if you overfeed them. Feed the adult Australian Mists 2-3 times a day. Kittens and juvenile Mists should eat four times a day. For the exact portion size, contact your vet.

Aside from the regular meals, you can offer some snacks or treats to your Australian Mist, but don’t do it too often.  


Australian Mist cats have short furs, and they don’t shed as much. Still, you will need to brush their furs once a week to keep them pretty and free from tangling and matting. Baths aren’t necessary unless the cat can’t clean itself or unless it gets too dirty.

Nail trimming is also important, and you should trim your Mist’s nails once every two weeks or at least once a month. Clean your Mist’s ears and eyes with a wet cotton pad every few days or when necessary. Try to get your Australian Mist used to teeth brushing, or at least provide some teeth-cleaning snacks.


There are cat breeds that become less active as they mature and as they grow up. Then, there are breeds that remain energetic and active throughout their whole lives, just like they were kittens. Australian Mist cats belong to the first group, which means they need more activity when they are younger.

While they are kittens, Australian Mists are extremely energetic and need plenty of playtime, toys, and attention. As they grow up, they remain active and playful but more moderately. Cat scratching and climbing tree and several toys will be enough to keep your Australian Mist entertained.

You can leash-train your Australian Mist and take it out for walks. If you have a backyard, you can let your Mist play outside occasionally, but only under your strict supervision. 

Most Common Australian Mist Cat Health Issues

In general, Australian Mist cats are healthy, thanks to the fact that domestic shorthairs were used in this breed’s creation. However, as with any other cat breed, Australian Mists can be prone and suffer from some common conditions, so let’s take a closer look at some of them!

Skin Allergies

Many cat breeds with pale furs also have sensitive skins that can be prone to allergies. Unfortunately, Australian Mists are one of them. 

The most common sign of skin allergy is itchy skin. If you notice your Australian Mist scratching excessively, and you know that it doesn’t have fleas, it might be caused by a skin allergy.

Other signs of skin allergies include hair loss, scabs, and inflammation along the cat’s back or tail area. If you suspect that your Mist is suffering from a skin allergy, schedule an appointment with your vet so that they can assess your cat’s condition and recommend a course of treatment. 

Medications may include antihistamines to lessen the symptoms or steroids to reduce inflammation and itchiness. In some cases, your vet will recommend a food trial so that your cat can receive a diet containing novel proteins that are not known allergens.

Skin Cancers

Additionally, cats with pale furs are also more prone to skin cancers than dark cats. This type of cancer can be highly aggressive and spread to the lymph nodes and other parts of the body. 

The signs of skin cancer in cats are open sores, lumps or excessive skin growth, or abnormal bleeding. While there is no definitive cure for this condition, most can be treated successfully with early detection if caught in its earliest stages.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to have your cat examined by a vet as soon as possible. The earlier this type of cancer is diagnosed, the easier your vet can treat it with less invasive measures.


Some Australian Mist cats suffer from gingivitis. This condition is often associated with inflammation of the gums, which sometimes leads to pain or discomfort. Some symptoms of gingivitis in cats include chronic bad breath, bleeding gum, swollen gums, and loose teeth. 

The usual cause of this condition is plaque buildup on the surface of the teeth. Plaque consists mainly of bacteria that can infect and irritate the gums when it accumulates over time. In addition, many cats develop dental problems because their teeth are not as strong as those found in dogs.

There are several different treatments for gingivitis in cats. The first step in managing this condition is to keep your cat’s teeth and gums clean through regular brushing and professional dental cleaning by a veterinarian. Other possible treatments include antibiotics to reduce inflammation, soft food, or special dental diets designed to help remove plaque from the teeth.


Obesity can occur in Australian Mists for many reasons, including the availability of too much food and lack of exercise. If your Mist becomes overweight or obese, it is important to consult a veterinarian and make some changes to help him lose weight. 

Not only are overweight cats at higher risk for health problems like diabetes and arthritis, but they also tend to become less active over time. Certain medications that cause weight gain in cats and diseases like hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease can also cause obesity. 

If you suspect your Australian Mist is overweight, take it to the vet. The vet will be able to assess your cat’s condition, and they will be able to recommend you the best way to help your cat lose weight.

Urinary Tract Diseases

The feline urinary tract is a complex system with many important components contributing to its health. The primary structure of the urinary tract is the kidney, which serves as a filter for blood, holding waste materials in urine until your cat expels them by urination.

In some cases, however, these organs may suffer from various conditions that can have serious consequences or even lead to death if left untreated. These diseases include bladder infections, blockages in the urethra (the small tube between the bladder and the outside environment), kidney disease, pyelonephritis (inflammation of kidneys), nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), and more.

If you notice your Australian Mist cat having trouble urinating, or if you notice blood in your cat’s urine, that’s a certain sign something is wrong with its urinary tract. Other symptoms include fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, and excessive thirst.

Take your Mist to the vet as soon as you notice any of these symptoms. The sooner your cat gets the treatment it needs, the faster it will get better!

Australian Mist Cat Name Suggestions

Australian Mist cats are cool, and they deserve cool names. Whether you want to give them a name that will be Australia-related or you want to choose something completely unrelated, there are plenty of great name ideas out there! Here are some of my top picks:

  • Romeo
  • Misty
  • Lexi
  • Andy
  • Emu
  • Belle
  • Cookie
  • Caramel
  • Sidney
  • Kiwi

Buying or Adopting an Australian Mist Cat

Australian Mist cats are extremely rare in the US, and it is improbable that you will find one in the shelter. Even when you try to buy one from a breeder, you will probably have to find an Australian breeder, because not many American breeders have these cats.

When you find a breeder that sells Australian Mists, it will cost you $800-$1500 to buy one, depending on its age, appearance, and other factors. Although not cheap, Australian Mists aren’t too expensive either, especially when you consider how rare and hard to find they are.

Australian Mist Alternatives

Since Australian Mists were created by crossbreeding Abyssinian, Burmese, and domestic shorthairs, it is natural that they have the physical attributes of these breeds. So, if you like the appearance of the Australian Mist breed but can’t find one of these cats in the US, you have great alternatives.

Instead of an Australian Mist, consider getting an Abyssinian cat, a Burmese cat, or even a short hair domestic. These breeds look similar enough to the Australian Mist, and they also have similar personalities.

Alternatively, if it is not too expensive for you, and if you want that breath of wilderness in your cat, why don’t you get yourself a Bengal cat? These cats have similar body builds, and just like Australian Mists, Bengal cats look a little bit wild while still being great pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Australian Mist cats friendly?

Yes, Australian Mist cats are friendly, cuddly, and sociable. They like to play with their owners, their owner’s children, and other pets. They are also friendly towards strangers, given that those strangers know how to behave around cats.

Are Australian Mist cats hypoallergenic?

No, Australian Mists aren’t hypoallergenic, so if you have a cat allergy, you shouldn’t get this cat.

How big do Australian Mists get?

Australian Mist cats are medium-sized cats that can reach up to 14 pounds.

Are cats popular in Australia?

Yes, although Australia might seem somewhat exotic with its unique animals, a typical Australian loves cats, dogs, and other common pets.

What is an Aussie cat?

This is a nickname for the Australian Mist cats.

Australian Mist Cat Fun Facts

  1. There are only four cat breeds originating from Australia and New Zealand, and the Australian Mist is one of them. The other three are Russian White, Black, and Tabby (this is all one breed), Somali cat, and Tasman Manx.
  2. Developing the Australian Mist cat breed took ten years. Breeders had to selectively breed cats to achieve the desired features.
  3. Apart from their unique fur, Australian Mists are easily recognized by their expressive, striking green eyes.


Australian Mist is one of those cat breeds that are so rare and unknown outside their countries of origin that almost no one knows about them. That’s a shame because Australian Mist cats are great pets with awesome personalities. 

Additionally, these cats have unique, beautiful furs that really make them stand out from other cat breeds. In conclusion, if you want a cat that will be a great pet while looking absolutely gorgeous, the Australian Mist is the perfect choice for you!

Featured Image Credit: kitty.green66, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons